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Permissible Sealing Gap

Elastomers used in sealing elements are visco elastic materials. Viscos characteristic is symbolized in Figure 9 with the force P applied on the plate in water, showing the final position. Elastic characteristic is symbolized in Figure 10 with the force P applied on the plate attached to a spring, the plate moves and when the force disappears, the spring moves back to its original position. The permissible sealing gap indicated as “S” in our catalogue should be checked carefully in order to prevent extrusion of the product during the application. In case of having values out of the indicated catalogue information, we recommend to used back-up rings as indicated in Figure 11.
One of the main problems during the application of the sealing element is the permissible sealing gap can not withstand the maximum operating pressure and due to the this reason the product deforms and extrudes. We have indicated the permissible sealing gap values in the product page of our catalogue for different operating pressures.


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